SET - Deep & Dark 2 x 250 ml

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The world's #1 tanning accelerator combined with our premium After Sun Lotion 365 Hydratant™ - the best of the best! This combination helps you achieve the ultimate and longest-lasting tan.

Platinum™ Deep & Dark Tanning Accelerator

Make room for the new #1 tanning lotion worldwide! Peau d’Or® Platinum™ has it all: the most potent skin care and tanning ingredients. Get up to 49% longer-lasting tan thanks to the famous Tan-Extend Complex™. With Deep ’n Dark Intensifier™, you can become up to 28% darker. It also includes the new Platinum Melanine Complex™, which increases the natural melanin (pigment) in the basal layer of the skin by up to 43%! Thanks to the UV-Rejuvenating Complex™, which significantly reduces tanning risks, you can feel safe during your epic tanning sessions.

  • Tan Extend Complex™
  • Deep n'Dark Intensifier™
  • 24K SmashGold Bronzers™
  • Smart-Dark Bronzers™
  • CoQ10 Anti-Aging
  • UV Rejuvenating® Complex
  • Vitamin E
  • UV Fresh Technology
  • Color Prepare Agents™
  • Omega 3-6 Complex
  • Satin Pur
  • Provitamin D3
  • Copperized Tan Activators
  • Melanin Boost Complex™
  • Platinum Melanine™ Extract

365 Hydratant™ - Daily Care & After Sun

The secret to a beautiful tan isn't just using a tanning lotion but also good moisturizing care afterward.

Moisturizing is all about hydration! So why not use one of the best moisturizers available? Peau d’Or® 365 Hydratant™ helps extend your tan and keep your skin soft and supple. Our UV-Rejuvenating Complex reduces the negative impacts of UV rays on your skin.

  • Aloe Vera
  • CoQ10 Anti-Aging
  • UV Rejuvenating® Complex + Advanced Anti-Aging
  • Vitamin E
  • UV Fresh Technology