Can I change my order?

  • Once checkout is completed and payment has been confirmed, you cannot change your order. You will have to wait for your order to arrive. After this you can return your order to us. See: how can I return my order?

I haven’t received a confirmation email

  • If your order was successful, you should receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes. If you still haven’t received one, but you’re pretty sure you have followed through with the order and payment has been made: please contact us at webshop@peaudor.com.

Can I cancel my order?

  • No. Once the order has been placed and payment approved, you cannot cancel. You will have to wait until your order arrives. Then, if you wish, you can return the order. See also: How can I return my order?

How can I track my order?

  • The tracking number can be found in the shipping confirmation email.

I have received the wrong product(s). What should I do?

  • Oops! Looks like we have made a mistake here. Please contact us at webshop@peaudor.com, and we will guide you through the return process. We will make sure you get the right products as soon as possible.

The payment didn’t succeed. Is my order still valid?

  • No. Orders are placed and processed only after payment has been confirmed. If your payment method has failed, please try again with a different method.


Which payment methods are available?

  • At our webshop we have the following payment options: PayPal, iDeal, Bankcontact, VISA/Maestro

Is it safe to pay online at Peau d’Or?

  • Peau d’Or offers several verified, widely used payment methods: you can find out more about these payment methods with a quick search online. You can choose whichever method feels safest or best for you.


How can I track my order?

  • The tracking number is in your shipping email.

When will arrive my order?

  • Once you click the ‘order’ button, we immediately get to work. Do you live in the Netherlands? You will have it tomorrow! If you are in Belgium: 1-2 working days. If you are in Britain: 2-4 working days. (We are working on a solution for this, so that in the near future our British fans too will receive their lotion the next day!)

What happens if I’m not home upon delivery?

  • This depends on the carrier. Most carriers have different options. You can check the carriers terms and options via the tracking link in the confirmation email.

What are the delivery costs and options?

  • Try us packages are free shipping! Everything else is free shipping from €50,-. Shipping cost below €50,- is € 5.95 for the Netherlands and Belgium € 8.95 for the United Kingdom.


How can I return my order?

  • You can return your order by emailing us at webshop@peaudor.com. We will then send you our return address, so you can send (part of) your order back to us. Make sure everything is in the original state and lotions are unopened. Shipping costs for the return shipment are at your own cost, unless:
  • You have received the wrong item
  • Products are broken or damaged
  • Your products do not meet the specifications In these cases, we will off course credit the shipment costs. Please tell us in your email if you believe we owe you the shipping costs!

When will I receive my money back?

  • Once we have received your return shipment in good order, we will refund within 7 days.

Can I return if I no longer have the original box?

  • Yes. As long as your lotions are unopened and bottles are undamaged, we’re happy.

Can I return my order in a store or tanning studio?

  • No. Orders placed in our webshop can only be returned by mail.


Does your lotions contain harmful ingredients?

  • As a brand, we choose not to use the hormone disrupting chemicals that most skincare products use as a preservative. Fortunately, we managed to find great skin- and planet-friendly alternatives!

Are your products cruelty free?

  • All our products are extensively tested on our CEO. No animals are harmed in the process!

Does your bronzers leave stains or streaks on my skin?

  • Our bronzers, to be honest, are a dream come true to us. They have a profound tanning effect: yet the tan looks very natural AND they don’t stain or streak on your skin. Seriously, we don’t know how we did it. We still kneel before our lab guy every morning.

Note: our bronzers will not stain if applied normally: distributed fairly evenly as you would any other lotion. But should you want to make a drawing on someone’s back when they’re sleeping, you could. Not that you would want to. But just in case. Always wash your hands after applying.