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Peau d’Or

The number one brand in tanning cosmetics and skincare products for healthy, smooth skin and an awesome natural tan.

Discover healthy, summery tan with Peau d'Or!

Peau d’Or

Love your Skin

Welcome to Peau d'Or - Your key to a healthy, fast, and long-lasting tan

In the world of Peau d'Or, luxury and science merge into a unique care range that pampers and protects your skin. We understand that true beauty comes from within and is supported from the outside. That's why our tanning accelerators, sunscreens, and care products are enriched with the finest ingredients to not only promote a stunning tan but also ensure the deeper well-being of your skin.

Trust our expertise and let Peau d'Or guide you to a tan that is as long-lasting as it is healthy. Discover today the difference that quality can make.

Peau d'Or - Because Your Skin Deserves the Best.

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Perfect Summer Sets

Discover our Perfect Summer Sets and enjoy the summer with the perfect all-around protection and care for your skin. Our carefully compiled sets, consisting of tanning accelerators, after-sun lotion, and sunscreen, not only provide effective protection from the sun but also promote an even, long-lasting tan. Benefit from our attractive price advantage and make no compromises in skin care.

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