Premium Sun protection + Instant Glow 100ml

Sun protection factor

Experience radiant protection with our Premium Sunscreen Cream with Instant Glow. This luxurious cream is the pinnacle of skincare and sun protection, designed to shield your skin from sunburn while providing an instant golden shimmer. Perfectly compatible with our tanning accelerators, this cream creates the ultimate base for a deeper tan without compromising protection and nourishment.

Why our Premium Sunscreen Cream with Instant Glow is your new summer must-have:

  • Instant Golden Shimmer: Say goodbye to white streaks and hello to an instant golden glow that makes your skin radiate.
  • Effective Sun Protection: Protect your skin with SPF 15 from harmful UV rays and sunburn while maintaining a flawless complexion.
  • Non-Sticky Formula: Our quick-absorbing formula leaves no sticky residue, perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • Water-Resistant: Enjoy carefree moments in the water with our water-resistant protection that doesn't fade with swimming or water sports.
  • Healthy, Nourished Skin: Enriched with nourishing ingredients that keep the skin healthy and hydrated, this cream actively combats the negative effects of UV light.
  • Compatible with Tanning Accelerators: For the ultimate tanning experience, first apply the tanning accelerator and then the sunscreen cream to maximize protection and care.

With our Premium Sunscreen Cream with Instant Glow, you're not just protected from the sun but also adorned with an irresistible glow that sets you apart from the crowd. Get ready for endless summer adventures, with protection, care, and a glow that makes you feel beautiful.