Infinite Black Tanning Accelerator 250ml


Discover Infinite Black – our secret for achieving a deep, natural-looking tan that impresses. With its high-quality formula and outstanding performance, Infinite Black exceeds all expectations.

Why Infinite Black is your new tanning ally:

  • Darkest Tan: Experience the darkest, natural-looking tan possible. Our patented SmashGold Bronzers™ deliver quick, golden-bronze results.
  • Accelerated Natural Tan: The Melanin Boost Complex™ enhances long-term results by speeding up the natural tanning process, giving you a longer-lasting tan.
  • Top-notch Skincare: Advanced skincare and moisturizing ingredients transform your skin into a soft and healthy canvas. Healthy skin tans faster and more beautifully!
  • Immediate Results: Enjoy instantly visible results without staining, while also boosting the natural tanning process for a deeper, longer-lasting tan.
  • Intense Moisturization: Well-hydrated skin not only tans faster but also more beautifully. Infinite Black provides your skin with the necessary moisture for an optimal tanning result.

Make Infinite Black your secret to a flawless tan that makes an impression. Trust in the power of a formula designed to pamper your skin while promoting a stunning tan. With Infinite Black, achieve the perfect tan you've always wanted.