Everything Gold Tanning Accelerator 250ml


Discover the Everything Gold™ Tanning Accelerator, where luxury meets your skin. This masterfully crafted lotion combines the opulent essence of real 24k gold with potent tanning and anti-aging components, offering not just a stunning tan but also timelessly youthful skin.

Why Everything Gold™ delivers the ultimate tanning experience:

  • Real 24k Gold: Indulge in pure luxury with real 24k gold, providing your skin with an instant, flawless golden glow without any staining.
  • Unmatched Tan: Enjoy a deeper, natural tan faster than ever before, enhanced by our exclusive Deep n'Dark Intensifiers™.
  • Youthful Elasticity: Featuring CollaXtreme™, our innovative collagen booster that increases your skin's elasticity and reverses signs of aging.
  • Hybrid Tanning: Perfect for versatile tanning, whether in a sunbed or under the sun, thanks to our advanced formula that moisturizes and accelerates the tanning process.
  • Incredible Skincare: Pamper your skin with a blend of Vitamin E, Omega 3-6 Complex, and CoQ10 Anti-Aging for super smooth, hydrated skin that feels amazing and looks younger.
  • Fresh Technology: Stay fresh all day with our UV Fresh Technology™, fighting off unpleasant odors and leaving a clean sensation.

With the Everything Gold™ Tanning Accelerator, every tanning session becomes an act of self-love, bathing your skin in golden light while also nurturing and rejuvenating it. Feel valuable because you are!