Red Velvet Tanning Accelerator 250ml


Introducing Red Velvet Tanning Accelerator, a product that's more than just a means to a sun-kissed glow—it's a celebration of a lifestyle that craves more than just the ordinary. Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Moulin Rouge and the bohemian way of life, Red Velvet is for those who don't just settle for the middle-class, for those who find true joy not in material things, but in the richness of experience. For the souls ignited by a burning fire within, yearning for freedom, abundance, emotion, and wilderness.

  • Pomegranate Extract: Infused with the power of pomegranate extract, known for its anti-aging and nourishing properties, Red Velvet doesn't just tan your skin; it cares for it deeply.
  • Anti-Aging and Nourishing: Embrace a formula that's designed to combat the signs of aging, enriching your skin with every application.
  • Faster and Deeper Tan, Instant Results: Why wait for perfection? Red Velvet accelerates your natural tanning process, offering deeper, more instant results, so you can achieve that enviable glow in no time.
  • Lush, Luxurious Sweet Scent: Envelop yourself in a sweet, luxurious scent that complements your adventurous spirit, making you feel as sexy on the outside as you are daring on the inside.

Red Velvet isn't just a tanning accelerator; it's an invitation to live boldly, to travel, to tan, and to wander with a sense of allure and confidence. Dare to embrace the bohemian lifestyle with Red Velvet, where every application is a step towards a more adventurous, free, and sensually enriched life. Feel sexy along the way, because with Red Velvet, the journey is as beautiful as the destination.