Platinum™ Deep & Dark Tanning Accelerator 40ml


Get ready for the new star in the tanning sky: Our Platinum Tanning Lotion – the undisputed No. 1 product for the most intense and long-lasting tan you've ever experienced. Discover the power of Platinum, enriched with the most effective skincare and tanning ingredients to elevate your complexion to new heights.

Why Platinum is your new secret weapon:

  • World-Class Tanning Lotion: Reach the peak of tanning perfection with the world's No. 1 lotion, refined with real platinum for the ultimate luxury on your skin.
  • Deep, Dark, Irresistible: Achieve a tan that's as deep and dark as you could ever wish for, faster than ever before.
  • Tan Longer: With our renowned Tan-Extend Complex™, your tan lasts up to 49% longer, ensuring a lasting sun-kissed glow that withstands the test of time.
  • Tan Darker: The Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™ makes your skin up to 28% darker – for a stunning, deep complexion.
  • Natural Tan Enhancement: Our brand-new Platinum Melanin Complex™ boosts the natural melanin in your skin by up to 43%, for an even more natural and deeper tan.
  • Silky Smooth: Pamper your skin with moisture and watch it transform into silky smooth perfection.
  • Look Younger: Not only will your tan be enhanced, but the appearance of your skin will look visibly younger and fresher.
  • UV Protection: Reduce the negative effects of UV light and enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

With the Platinum Tanning Lotion, you're not just getting a tan, but a comprehensive care experience that your skin will love. Say yes to a tan that's as unique and luxurious as you are. Platinum is not just a lotion; it's your ticket to a tan that lasts, impresses, and cares. Dive into the world of Platinum – because you deserve to shine in every light.