Irresistable Black Tanning Accelerator 250ml


Unlock the secret to an irresistible, naturally-looking tan with Irresistible Black™, faster than you ever imagined possible. Our patented SmashGold Bronzers™ deliver an immediate golden-bronze glow, while the Color Prepare Agents™ expedite your skin's natural tanning ability. Enriched with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, this formula leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and healthy. Remember, well-nourished skin achieves a faster and more stunning tan!

  • Immediate Results, Without Staining: Enjoy a flawless golden glow right from the first use, without worrying about any unwanted stains on your clothes or sheets.
  • Accelerates the Natural Tanning Process: Enhances your skin's ability to tan, resulting in a deeper, more durable tan that truly lasts.
  • Highly Moisturizing: A well-hydrated skin not only tans quicker but also develops a more even, beautiful bronze.
  • Affordable: Experience the luxury of premium tanning, all at an accessible price point.

With Irresistible Black™, stepping out with a captivating tan is no longer a dream but a reality. This product is your ticket to a tan that not only looks fabulous but feels fabulous too. Say hello to gorgeous, sun-kissed skin with Irresistible Black™ – because you deserve a tan as stunning as you are.