Double Black Tanning Accelerator 250ml


Dreaming of getting twice the tan in half the time? Double Black™ will amplify and expedite your natural tanning process to deliver stunning results. With our patented SmashGold Bronzers™, you'll achieve that golden glow instantly!

  • Accelerates the Natural Tanning Process: Achieve a deeper, more enduring tan that enhances your natural beauty.
  • Slight Bronzing Effect: Enjoy a hint of gold on your skin right after application, subtly highlighting your tan.
  • Highly Moisturizing: Well-hydrated skin tans faster and more beautifully!
  • Affordable: Experience luxury tanning without the luxury price tag.

Trust Double Black™ to take your tan to the next level. Why wait when you can have the perfect golden tan now? Double Black™ is your secret to an awe-inspiring tan that's not just quick but also lasting. Indulge in the luxury of a rapid, deep tan with Double Black™ – because you're worth it.