365 Hydratant™ Aftersun Lotion 100/250 ml


Perfect for after sun exposure or tanning bed sessions, this lotion not only helps preserve your tan, but also nourishes your skin for a deep, glowing complexion. Truly achieve the ultimate summer glow! Fits perfectly with our tanning accelerators and sunscreens

Perfect post-tanning care: While tanning accelerators help you develop a beautiful color quickly, 365 Hydratant™ is specifically designed to maintain your tan for longer and intensely nourish your skin.

Moisture is key: With Aloe Vera, a natural moisturizer, 365 Hydratant™ provides your skin with the necessary moisture to prevent dehydration and preserve elasticity.

Protection and revitalization: Our UV-Rejuvenating Complex™ and CoQ10 Anti-Aging shield your skin from the negative effects of sun exposure and revitalize it, leaving your skin as fresh and youthful as your tan.

Nutrient-rich care: With Vitamin E and our Omega 3-6 Complex, the lotion nourishes and protects your skin while combating signs of aging.

Freshness that delights: Thanks to our UV Fresh Technology™, your skin remains fresh and free from unpleasant odors even after sunbathing.

With Peau d'Or®'s 365 Hydratant™ Aftersun Lotion, your tan is not only intensified but also receives the care it deserves to last longer and remain radiantly beautiful. Peau d'Or® - We adore your skin and give it what it deserves. Experience how your tan and skincare go hand in hand.